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Detailed maintenance knowledge of RV water pump to ensure the balance of camping water supply system

Detailed maintenance knowledge of RV water pump to ensure the balance of camping water supply system
As we all know, water pumps play an important role in camper camping and are prone to malfunction in the most unexpected cases.
The water supply system of the saloon car is composed of a water tank, a plastic or copper pipe, a water pump, a gray water tank and a drain valve. As a matter of fact, any type of RV uses roughly the same pump. Currently on the market most car equipment is safe Le (Shurflo) 12 volt DC power pump, even in the car into the camp, connected to 120 volts AC power transformer, car will also be transformed into a 12 volt DC power for internal recycling.
When the tap is opened, water supply pipeline will receive the preset pressure signal of 30 pounds per square foot, start the water supply work; turn off the tap, the water in the pipeline will continue until the entire flow pressure balance system.
If the noise and vibration of the pump from outside the normal work, mostly because of the use of brass, such as rigid connection device at this time, the owner can consider the replacement for the hose. To reduce the noise of pump work, it can be mounted on a rubber mat or muffler.
The following is the water pump self inspection items:
Whether there is residual water in the water tank, the accumulation of these water stains will interfere with the normal work of the water meter to a certain extent;
The fuse shall be checked periodically to ensure the normal connection of the pump and the power supply;
Check the connection of storage battery and transformer and water pump regularly;
Check the wiring regularly to avoid power failure or short circuit;
When the water pump is abnormal, the rubber diaphragm can be checked for obstruction or rupture. This step can be achieved by removing three screws from the pump box;
Open the shut-off valve and see if the water supply line between the water tank and the water pump is unblocked;



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