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the selection of water pump for RV

     As one of the core parts of the RV, water pump plays an important role in all kinds of touring cars. It can be said that it is with the water pump, it makes the function of the car rich, the room and the car can really combine, become a caravan, so that people eager to move life become reality.
The water pump for touring car is divided into external pump and submersible pump according to the relation of water tank. It is divided into low flow, medium flow and high flow water pump according to the flow rate. It is divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure water pump according to pressure. The external water pump is usually automatic and convenient for other equipment to work in time. Also, special attention must be paid to the RV pump.
In order to economically and effectively use water, the water pump with proper voltage, flow rate and pressure should be selected correctly. Select the pump to consider the following points:
1, the car supernatant tank, sewage tank size;
2. The specific conditions of the water used in the car (considering the water used in the dishes, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, showers, toilets, etc.);
3, power configuration (taking into account the safety first principle, the water pump voltage is generally 12VDC or 24VDC);
After experiencing the emergence of European and American touring cars, as well as the mature development, including the evolution of the touring car culture, the touring car water pump has also obtained the very big development. In particular, the external water pump provides a very large choice for the design of all kinds of rv. No matter how simple or complicated the RV is, there is always a suitable pump to match it.
Pump installation note: general installation according to the instruction can be very convenient to install, but should pay attention to, any external pump itself working noise is small, some even almost no noise. However, due to improper installation, often mistaken for too much noise pump. Usually, the pump should be installed in a hard place, and the excessive hose can be used to realize the transition of water inlet and outlet, so as to avoid any vibration of the pump to be transmitted.
Precautions for pump use:
The normally installed outdoor water pump, as it is specially designed for the touring car, needs no special attention. The warning is that although they can be dry running without damage, it is recommended that the water pump be disconnected from the water tank. In addition, in winter, or start the water pump drain pipe water (the water pump itself is very strong cold resistance). If it is a submersible pump, we must pay attention to the tank to ensure that water can start the work.



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